Payment History
Bill MonthStrategy NameCapital (USDT)UnRealized PNLRealized PNLFees(10% on Realized Profits)StatusReceipt
Jul 2022Athena Top 5$1000+$1000$ 800$80 PaidView
Aug 2022Athena Top 5$1480+$100$ 60$6 Pay NowView
Sept 2022Athena Top 5$1516+$516$ -316- -View
Oct 2022Athena Top 5$1316+$500 -- -view
If this is your first time paying for a Sypto Subscription, you understand and agree that you must clear your dues within 7 days otherwise we would terminate the strategy running on your account & sell all the coins, convert everything back to USDT. And if there is a delay in the payment after we terminate the strategy, we will start fresh on your account. You can unsubscribe from Strategy at any given time, if there is a profit booked within that time period then you must pay that bill according 10% Profit Sharing.Sypto represents that it will always treat my personal details with the utmost care and will never sell them to other companies for marketing purposes.